Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Recently with them (lil'sis1-motmot, c0usin-syuhada n me) n lil sis2-alia wh0 r taking d pic,hehe.. we went to klcc 4 a movie, 17 AGAIN starring by Zac Effron..OMG!! d sweetest smile,hee~n d st0ry r fun n Enj0yable! Back to 17 again, who dont want it? n i guess a lot of things dat i might changed from dat..*thinking deeply*..phewh~but never regreT, LIFE MUST GO ON BABY!!
~i've changed~

wif d besty, hasmida..thx 4 everything~a lot of things, secret dat we shared, v laugh out n d flash back. truly deeply misshh u MIEDA!!