Tuesday, April 21, 2009


hurm..dun noe y.diz sem people r getting tensi0n n lika doing their own things. n me to0!! so i decided to go home n hang out wif my lovely sis n bro on the weekend. we went shopping in evry mall in A DAYS!! At Mines, Alamanda, Sogo, KLCC, OU, Mid Valley(sort of) n laugh3..ahaha..my sis kinda cute,happy go lucky and sporting, she didn't care to spend time wif her luv ones n 4 sure her siblings. so d last nite, we ate a lots!! Sate Kajang, a bucket of KFC, Teppanyaki, ABC, Tom Yam seafo0d etc.. at least i can relax n release my messy mind wif the one who really understand me!!

Then, here i am at diz tiny spaces to live by my own feet.. its getting better n i do luv u ol!! although diz short sem jez studying on islamic study, e-commerce n public health subjects, it doesnt means v can jez pulling our legs, instead v need to focus harder coz midsem is closerr~

s00o..4 those who r tension and get their bad hair day,
1.hang out!! go to some places that can release ur mind.
2.laugh3!!be with the one that can make u happy, sum1 dat can relief ur breathe!!
3.replace ur old things to colorful!!
4.n yet do not 4get Him!! prays a lot n do some charity dat wl makes u feel peace and tranquil..peace(^_^)

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Actually, I just joined this little crazy thing when I’m in matriculation level at KTT, last 2 years. So, it began when I’ve got the ideas from my friends, mina and tita. I did the things too when I really wanted to prank one of the most new and blurry friends, Haikal. So it started when I just admitted something about my feelings and then it continues to him. How thankful to know him and the accidents that we gone through. Then, blablabla.(I just didn’t noe y I had to story bout him again n again). Erm, n he seems like a shot for a moment and did not realized the things, the foolish things. Mina, told me to proceeds the acts and waits for the suits moment to prank him. Tita, with confidently told her BF dat she was pregnant!! OMG! N can u imagine how is the reaction?? Ahahaha.. Meanwhile, mina tried to argue wif her boy because of a girls?? N Sh** happens. That crazy happily moments end when, everyone gathering in the house, called the person to be fooled with and shout that ‘APRIL FOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL….’.(^_^)hehe.. We are the most noisy houses that night and sorry to everyone and Shishi because I act as ‘sounds backup’ for Geena, ahaha.. Its auwsome!!!

i really wanna tags these 5 people!!