Friday, March 27, 2009

U tagginG me uWh??!!

I was tagged by mina..o00keyh..
nway, this is my first tagging by by fwenz.thx!!
uhm..let c..

1. what is your relationship between u and her/him?(the person who tagged you)
- She is my best buddy. my college, lecture, room matez!!

2. 5 impressions towards her/him
- generous.
- easy going.
- a lil' bit shy at first, but she is okay.
- yeah, she have lots of secret!!
- a person who lovable and like to be loved.

3.The most memorable things that she/he did to you..
- Helping and understanding me in every ways.

4. The most memorable words that she/he told to you..
- the forgiveness,maybe..

5. if she/he is your couple.. you will..?
- hey, i wanna try!!haha n i will kiss her!! i kiss a girl??

6. if she/he is your enemy, you will..?
- erm..ill beat her and told "let's go shopping!!"hehe..

7. if she/he is your love parter.. she/he must improve in..
- 'her bed!'haha.. Get your sleep well lolz..

8. she/he became your enemy mostly due to...
- hypocrite, cheating and back stabbing.

9. Overall impression about she/he..
- hard to be understand coz she will not comment on you, jez accept people how they are and keep a secrets or things inside her. You have to speak out girls and do not let people steps on you!! She is also a good planner~

10. The most desirable thing to do to her/him?
- Wanna win the bowling match! she is to smart and good in handle d ball!!huhu

11. What is your feeling toward people that say and describes about you??
- i will accept everything and try to fix it up. Thinks positively, if they are say and comment on me that means they care and love me!

12. The character of you for yourself?
- out-spoken, friendly, active, adventure, BE MYSELF!

13. On contrary, the character you hate about you..
- a time wiser.huk3..

14. The most ideal character of a person you want to be with?
- spiritual in and inside.(^_^)

15. For people who like you.. tell sumthing about them.
- like me uh?erm..u have to noe me better, i do love to noe sum1 but plss dont be hypocrite!! i hate that..

16. Ten people you tag:
- Helmi
- Yana
- Fauzi
- Elya
- Ain
- Natul
- Haikal
- Muniey
- Nari
- Fyda

17. No.2 have the relationship with?
- Helmi!!hahaha

18. Is no. 3 female or male..
- male.

19. If no.7 and 10 have a relationship. Is it a good thing?
- Nop. Its a bad thing, i'll ruin his life. soryy~

20. How about no.5 and no.8?
- yeah, they will be a close frenz. both love to critics and talkative!

21. Is it No.4 single??
- nop. she had her pinky..pinky n d brain..laaa~

22. No. 1 studying in what courses?
- Medicine. he is doctor wanna be like his father, my uncle.

23. Say sumething about no. 6.

24. Is it No. 9 funny?
- do not noe him well. jez met and knew him while in the U's programs at jakarta.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Yippy!!! Noe wut?i jez came back from holidays, kind of..hee~ actually from the university’s programs which held at Bandung and Jogjakarta. It was unexpected journey with my friends, faiz.akmal.din.due.anip.iqbal.hazwan.razi.wai keong.halim.mina.yana.lina.nik.akma.nadia.dhia. azie.afiqah.atik.izzah.ina.yam.fairuz.aqilah.

So, the main point for the programs was to expose the student to outside world within to learn and apply the soft skills. Yeah, we had a lot of new things that we had learnt and forgetful. Through the journeys, we had gone through the difficulties and happiness together. Due to the cooperation and responsibilities from everyone, the objective was achieved. The memories will always bear in mind and kept on with the flows of time.

Here, some sketches of diaries along a week on the journey. The happiness and sadness that my friends and I gone through.

The beginning of, actually, I was kinda afraid because this was my first time on flight, haha.. I love to experience it because I want to try many new things!! So I just relax and calm at my seats in the Garuda Air. During the departure I was like wanna cry+excited+scare, which a lot of things scattered in my mind..huh.. But after the ‘oldies stewardess’ (hehe..) gave the orange juice and talking to Izzah and Dhia, who sat besides me, I felt like hey,its cool huh? I made it because I didn’t vomit!(^_^) the foods that they deserves also delicious!!nyum3.. It was 3.45 pm and we arrived at the Soeharto Airports, Jakarta around 5.30pm at Malaysia, which was an hour earlier than the time in Jakarta. There, a bus was waiting to pick us and we had to sit in the bus for 2 hours before the arrival to Bandung.

The sweetest part.. Heyya, I love Bandung!! The weather is colder at night. So after packing our things, Mina my roommate n me having a bath and preparing for our dates??ahaha It was a small reunion with my beloved cousins, Mohd Helmi Jaafar and our close and close fwenz,Haikal Ambri Rosle, hak3… Mohd Arif, Shishi. They were doctor wannabe and studying at Universitas Padjadjaran, Bandung. It was so sweet that my cuz, Helmi went alone to the Jatinangor Hotel just to meet and having a dinner at Cherry’s Corner Cafe. Thanks a lot to haikal, who treated the dinner (Sapi Black Pepper & Hot Choc), arif and shishi. Love3~

Aiy0oh, I was lazy to describe everything so I did some summary for every day that I gone through..hehe

2nd day- Went to UNPAD(Universitas Padjadjaran) to discuss about research on water quality. Kidnap Haikal as our guide tour,hek3.. Shopping at Pasar Baru and Rumah Mode!! He treats me with Ice Lemon Tea and Batagor, traditional foods which made from Tauhu and Fish Ball in it. Nyummy!! We went to Yogyakarta for the next activities.

3rd day- We were placed in the home stay at Kg. Rejoso, Joeonalan Klaten, Jateng Indonesia by our guide tour, Suryanto Purwo Atmojo a.k.a Mas Yan. We arrived at Air Mancur for research on herbs as Jamu.

We Went to Universitas Gadjah Mada for a visits and I met Safwan a.k.a Si Chantek and Azman,haha.. Nice to meet you guys again. Lastly, shopping at Marlioboro.

4th- we had sight-seeing to Candi Borobudur(which entry fees is 61,000 rupiah), Candi Prambanen and Monumen Yogyakarta.

5th- sosi0-services to BAKESOS, rumah jompo. next to orphanage, Panti Asuhan Putri and Putra Muhammadiyah. We performed the Zapin!!

6th- Medical Services to Kg.Rejoso villagers. Finally, 10 hours in the bus from jogja to jakarta!! so tired!

7th- im home!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

f0rgiVe n ForGeT~.

'if U don't understand my silence,
U'll not understand my words~

Sunday, March 8, 2009

nAtuRe LoveR..~_~.

recent bl0g updated..wuu~
@ Teluk Gadung, Sura Dungun..
jez a st0ne's throw away from my new h0me...hee~
nice view,uhh?
remember dat ive told in d blogs b4,
which i need to move to new home?
n yeah,ive been ere n love evertg!!
p/s:frenz,if u wanna stay near 'ere i can arrange it too nearest n
budget chalet ar0und rm50-rm100 per nitez..
n we can have fresh air+ABC+fresh sea s0urces+nice views n etc...
nj0y d days~!!
i was bel0ng 'ere..l0ve3..
during diz sem break im kinda bz all ar0und..
huhu..'get bz'..ngee~
wif new surrounding n 0n9 24/7~
wif my lil'br0..a'an..
kinda 'gedikz'..
like sis like bro..ngeh3..
~im wiTh y0u~
lil' bro n lil'2 br0..ayie n a'an..
d 4th n 8th..
thx 4 d day..
a great day..^_^

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

p0ckEtfuL of suNshine...^_^

0owh yeah..hee~
i g0t recent great news..
actually akak n a.faDz didnt travel by themself t0 trg..
n noT yet!!ahaha..
n yesterday..sis text me to be with them on diz friday niteZ!!
waaa~my dream come true~~
s0 ill pack my things rite now n d first thg i wanna miss is..
my famly!! my bedro0m!! n my..oppaa~..^_^
ill miss u!!

2nd news is..1 more paper to g0..d anat0my~
on d friday 9am-12pm... tired n exam fever!

3rd news..dunno0 whether its a gud o bad..
erm3..our lctrr told dat we r g0ing to uvst.padjadjaran..
means...???erm...d zapin things...aiy00oh~