Sunday, March 8, 2009

nAtuRe LoveR..~_~.

recent bl0g updated..wuu~
@ Teluk Gadung, Sura Dungun..
jez a st0ne's throw away from my new h0me...hee~
nice view,uhh?
remember dat ive told in d blogs b4,
which i need to move to new home?
n yeah,ive been ere n love evertg!!
p/s:frenz,if u wanna stay near 'ere i can arrange it too nearest n
budget chalet ar0und rm50-rm100 per nitez..
n we can have fresh air+ABC+fresh sea s0urces+nice views n etc...
nj0y d days~!!
i was bel0ng 'ere..l0ve3..
during diz sem break im kinda bz all ar0und..
huhu..'get bz'..ngee~
wif new surrounding n 0n9 24/7~
wif my lil'br0..a'an..
kinda 'gedikz'..
like sis like bro..ngeh3..
~im wiTh y0u~
lil' bro n lil'2 br0..ayie n a'an..
d 4th n 8th..
thx 4 d day..
a great day..^_^

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