Wednesday, March 4, 2009

p0ckEtfuL of suNshine...^_^

0owh yeah..hee~
i g0t recent great news..
actually akak n a.faDz didnt travel by themself t0 trg..
n noT yet!!ahaha..
n yesterday..sis text me to be with them on diz friday niteZ!!
waaa~my dream come true~~
s0 ill pack my things rite now n d first thg i wanna miss is..
my famly!! my bedro0m!! n my..oppaa~..^_^
ill miss u!!

2nd news is..1 more paper to g0..d anat0my~
on d friday 9am-12pm... tired n exam fever!

3rd news..dunno0 whether its a gud o bad..
erm3..our lctrr told dat we r g0ing to uvst.padjadjaran..
means...???erm...d zapin things...aiy00oh~

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