Monday, November 25, 2013

Raudhatul Jannah

Just love the name.
Masa dengar ceramah dari Ustaz 'Bollywood'.


Monday, November 4, 2013



I meant it darling.
What's your turning point in life?
Did u ever feel it?
Are you tough enough to embrace yourself after the hurricane?
As Sandra B gave up to survive in her life.
But she woke up and knew she deserve a better life.
That God give her.
Sometimes, it is not about anyone else. It's you.
It's you the only reason of the survival.
Give yourself a space. Space that you think you don't need em.
At least. 


Sunday, November 3, 2013

Tok Gajah! SUPERB!

Not being to their side, but i rather pray that Pahang win instead of Kelantan.
It's an epic game. East cost states in final.
They really deserve to win the game. 1-0.
To TRW oh please don't be too egoistic!

Dear Matias Conti,

How can't we fall in love with that cute flying love in the air!! Bravo!!

Lovely N

THOR 2, Subang Parade

I was that Jane Foster.
Keep waiting and hoping.
For 2 years back.
Crazily finding ways too much and spending precious time.
Just for you my dear.
The space fulfilled with empty glasses waiting to break into pieces.
I'm tired of chasing and hurting my paralyzed heart. 
It's time darling.
To tide up the broken angle at the corner of the world.
Let it free.
As Loki sacrificed everything for Thor, till the end of his blood.
In the end, the ''victory'' will be mine.
natalie Natalie Portman angry at change of Thor 2 director
Hye Natt P, I just love you! *lesbo* LOL