Tuesday, April 21, 2009


hurm..dun noe y.diz sem people r getting tensi0n n lika doing their own things. n me to0!! so i decided to go home n hang out wif my lovely sis n bro on the weekend. we went shopping in evry mall in A DAYS!! At Mines, Alamanda, Sogo, KLCC, OU, Mid Valley(sort of) n laugh3..ahaha..my sis kinda cute,happy go lucky and sporting, she didn't care to spend time wif her luv ones n 4 sure her siblings. so d last nite, we ate a lots!! Sate Kajang, a bucket of KFC, Teppanyaki, ABC, Tom Yam seafo0d etc.. at least i can relax n release my messy mind wif the one who really understand me!!

Then, here i am at diz tiny spaces to live by my own feet.. its getting better n i do luv u ol!! although diz short sem jez studying on islamic study, e-commerce n public health subjects, it doesnt means v can jez pulling our legs, instead v need to focus harder coz midsem is closerr~

s00o..4 those who r tension and get their bad hair day,
1.hang out!! go to some places that can release ur mind.
2.laugh3!!be with the one that can make u happy, sum1 dat can relief ur breathe!!
3.replace ur old things to colorful!!
4.n yet do not 4get Him!! prays a lot n do some charity dat wl makes u feel peace and tranquil..peace(^_^)


haikal ambri said...

alhamdulillah for the no4...

_naJw@_~. said...

errrr..yeh thx!

Armin said...

pergh...every mall dia g shopping..:)

hehe...1 mall pun xlarat..

_naJw@_~. said...

erk..hehe..namenyer pompuan..
hahah...ley release tensen tuu plus shopping,lg syi0ookk...hee~

alif-mikail said...

replace old things with colorful?

totis koi kaler pink kaler fool macamana lagi hendaknya tu? heh!

_naJw@_~. said...

nak colorful lag tampal totis koi tu ngan polka dot wane wani..ahaha...mst nampk bwu jer..kui2..totis2..

akid said...

kat area kem raudhah je.. tpi atas skit r.. hhehe.. g r.. best2!!!