Monday, March 12, 2012


His smile. His eyes. His Lips. His hair. His laugh. His hands. His weird faces.
His --- everything.
*thought of someone*
Lagu Kita-Aizat.
Thanks to all my besties for the support :
♥ NAdia : Be strong gf, Time Heals Almost Everything. High expectation will lead to dissappointment. La Tahzan.
♥ Sya : What doesnt kill you will make u STRONGER!
♥ Dila : LOVE when u READY. Not when u're lonely. Its not worth to fight for.
♥ Yana : Have to let go even its hard. :(
♥ As : Putus jiwa? Rilez ah. -.-''
♥ Ayie : U nak bf cane? Ill find for u. Duduk n citer kat i now. :'(
♥ Halim : U'll find someone better.

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