Thursday, February 18, 2010


It is so bored at home,when u realized that u r d 1 that oldest at home n need to do every single chores!=P
i noe it is my responsible since my flowerhorn(sis), a.pad, gemot left d house to putrajaya, utp perak n hostel at Science Trg(boarding skewl) respectively. Damn bored when they r not around. last few hols we got along to havva picnic at Batu 12 river,sumwhere around gombak(i guess..) n we had a great time. chit chatting, swimming, exploring and eat3!! huhu now due to my holidays r longer, i had to stay at home, cooking, cleaning an d everythg(again..!!)
But itsokey these time at least i got to spend time, contributes and polishing my 'house-wife practises'..yayayaya!
hah!i remembered 1 of my fren dat wanna get married rite after finishing their studies,wut daaa..huhu
hey, relax n lay back to the great life. fulfill ya dreams n achieve every single things that u cant achieve when u r married.gosh!! *sound jealousy hah??* hahaha..naaa~=P.


bilis said...

nawa jeles ya? pi la ikut kawin skali...lallala

_naJw@_~. said...

aa jom..=P

_naJw@_~. said...

xjeles tp haiya awl er kawen, byk bnd lg pntg nk buat..h0h0h0~