Wednesday, February 24, 2010

.:Work OuT:.

yeayy~kelas da abes!!leh smbg tdo!ha ptg ni ley g swimming..
yanyaa:'eyh pe kt jump mngment n ty sal gym?'(dgn muke penuh hrapn)hahaha
jom3..bgegas ke opis mngmnet n ty nak gne gym.(dgn brg kat tgan,mgga umah siap bwak plus beg g kelas pn angkut skali) ta saba nye pasal,hish!
admin:boleh gne,tp ne n yana..(yeayyy!!)muke hepy nk mati!siap berlari2 trun n booking gym time tuh jugak!!hahaha semgt gler yanya aka my gymm8 neh,huhu
masuk umah je..QMA!! cpt2 salin bju kte g work out!!cpttt!!
qma dgn terpinga2 melihat 2 gadis comel terlompat2 keriangan sbb dapt g work out,hehehe ;P
(zasssss..lam skelip mate transform!serius! brg2 da sepah2,pk nk g exrcse je..huhu)
LAstly dpt gak conquer d gym, wif cardio exercise! me on threadmill 25 minutes(cam pro jek) yana wif bike n also on d treadmill, n qma wif d exercs steppers~ gle penat ek, cuz sepnuh jwa n raga tu exrcise. 
then twun g pool berenang kejap n complete d exercise task!
oh suke suke suke!!=) sok pg lagi!!

p/s: nd a gym instructor, a tuff n an expert 1!!hahaha =D
p/s: some tips 4 beginner gyms routines :On your chosen cardio machine (bike, treadmill, cross-trainer) start at a slow speed to warm up your muscles for 5-10 minutes. Pick either a period of time, say 30 secs, or a distance on your machine, like 100m, and run or cycle as fast as you can without slowing down for that chosen increment. Once you’ve done that slow back down to a comfortable fast walk or cycle for double the time or distance you did your fast set at. Repeat this for at least 30 minutes. Finish off your work out with a slow cool-down, weights and stretches.
If you repeat this 2-3 times a week you should start to find it easier. It’s then time to step it up and reduce your “rest” time. You should soon be able to last the entire half hour without any rest period, and you’ll be running a marathon in no time. 


aqmar said...

i love it!!
nmpaknya kita makin menghampiri target nie~~chaiyok2x!!!gymmates...yana+nawa...mmuaahh~

_naJw@_~. said...

yuppy yup!!hep3..
suku suke suke!!

*vintageshades* said...

ohhh!!! sgt sukeeee!!! :D esk sy post yg kite ,mndi mnda ye.. nk tito!!! :D

bilis said...

kalau suma dah suka..aku pun ikut suka la..lalalaa

*kalau dekat dashboard pasal nawa punya latest enri tidak ada kuar..
*malas mau klik klik klik ..haha

_naJw@_~. said...

alaaa bilis relax laaaaaa~!!hoho

_naJw@_~. said...

yanyaa!!xde pon sal dat pic kat pool!!isk3!