Wednesday, December 29, 2010


What about you?
Blood donation
Im an A's blood group and i love to donate blood. Just now at U-Plaza MSU, there are HEALS week organised by Medical Science Club(MSC) which lots of booth providing great services. Did you know by donating blood :
1)  It helps your body in alleviate some risky diseases such as heart diseases and get rid of excessive Iron accumulation in body that forms free radical! It is responsibles in causing the cells and tissues damage aka CANCER!!
2) Instead of this, iron will regulate normally in our body systems and promote the bone marrow to produce new BLOOD! Thus, our body systems regulation will be REFRESH!! 
3) It also beneficial to the HEART and CIRCULATORY systems and reduce the risk of HEART DISEASES!!
What are you waitin' for? Dont be scare! Donate NOW! C=

Bone Density test!
Qma, Yana and I was so excited to discover on the risk to Osteoporosis! There are Anlene booth which provides the machine and we tested on it!! Even a FREE DRINKS! *sedaakkk*
After filled up the forms, Q-up, then we have been scanned!
Qma- 3.6, me 3.1 and Yana 1.8!! Hey how come Qma have higher density percentage than me?


aqmar said...

me to0!!!

let's drink a lot of milk especially Anlene begins from today!!not tomorrow.. hahaa..
or by taking calcium supplement ^_@

_naJw@_~. said...

Qma memg sbb da amalkan supplement calcium tu la ketumpatan tulang tinggi,huhu Nawa n Yana la pasni nk kena byk minum Anlene! Da la sedap!!

_naJw@_~. said...

haish mcm org tua suda! tok nawa xde xde la minum susu semua.haishh