Sunday, February 1, 2009

-6- gReat We3kend!!

d great we3kend i had..huhu~nj0ying the gr0oming 'IVE GOT STYLE' by under my club. so it is so0 worth it dat we had a lotz of info n activities in dat programe. d programs also conducted by k.ayu n abg fareez.. they cheer up d party!! so0 in love with k.ayu's attires!!huhu.. d theme for d party was cheerful which is white n orange,so hav0c!!
seha,d finalis 4 im so excited to knoe her. yet, she is struly frenly, educative and gorge0us!!ahaha.. will vote 4 het to let her win.. naa~as a model,she is very suits in it. so all d best seha!!huhu

d final of dat day..i was like...ive got style??ahaha..crazy and so0 excited dat i got a lot of presents. d first present coz i sat on d lucky chair. 2nd coz i did well in aswering the questions n last but not least d Q n A sessions..ahaha..alhamdulilah.. im also got to knoe a new frenz, k.nana n nana, d havoc person who won in one of the activities, 'ikatan tudung'..ahaha..s0 dats it for my saturaday weekend.. im feeling GREAT!!!(^_^)


Fauzey Fahmiey said...

Hi there~
ada blog juger rupenye dia~
omment blog aku gak ea?
(eh, nak number hp seha!)

_naJw@_~. said...

i will!!~
nway next grooming aku tlong mtak dat no. ok?