Saturday, February 21, 2009

AppReciAti0n oF L>O>V>E

The charity program that i joined with mina n nik. we are selected by our mentor, miss zalyana to do some charity works within the seniors.. its a memorable program dat day coz we r exposed to the new reality things dat happened in our life. being raped n pregnant by bf, got d hiv n died.
wut life is meant for??huh..T_T
in d MSU's bus wif mina..
n we were pr0ud to wear the FHLS formal t-shirts!!huhu

wif classm8-nik, d cutey n adorable kids(zairi), me n mina..
i was sad n th0ught wut happened if i was one of these kids??
how my life would b without parents?
phewh..n i admit dat i shud thank to God n preciate my life.
at d front of the lovely house..
wait for us 4 d next time..
we will come to c u ol again,lil' sis n bro..
zairi, danial, aliff, nadia, nabila, sis patricia, mama lana..
n all d members of PERNIM..
i will miss n never forget u ol..
wif mina n yana, d 12 yrs old kids. but look smaller,uhh?
we were trying to b frenz to them n yet give our best services to
provides loves, attention n care..
they deserve to obtain love from me,coz they knew how to preciate n show d appreciation.
i was touched n will let my love buried deeply to these childs..
they deserve it.^_^.love3.


.ila. said...

eiii jelesnyeee.
nak join jugak laa..

mina ngan nawa!

_naJw@_~. said...

da la nt pg bandung,ngeh3..
dila lambt sgt lolr..
next tme uh?