Thursday, February 19, 2009

can i DANCE???

ZAPIN??? euwww....d first time in my life i was chosen to perform a traditional dance!!
n we started d practice wif miss atikah. 3 basics step which was the 'asas, belanak kecil and ayam patah'?wut daa~ me, mina, yana, lina, n nadia was d only girls!! where others?? i was respected to those whom from johor n yet d guys,akhbar dance smooth n gracefully than d gurls!! OMG!!ahaha.. the perfomance dat we need to perform at Unvsty Gadjah Mada n Institut Teknologi Bandung,Indonesia for the culture nite!!!waa~ i was like wanna crying rite now,aiyaaa~~
i didnt like to perfom n yet d final exam is around d corner. i was busy for preparing the exam, d part time n now the DANCE!! thx 4 p.cik Halim to let me settle up wif d exam first,huu~ exam exam exam!! please pray 4 my success..amin.
p/s: wish dat i was sick dat time n escape from the perfomance!!huhu luckily we didnt perform at Unvsty Padjadjaran,Bandung..huhu u knoe wut,u will lauging to c our dance!! the perfomance,huk3..eyh shut up!!ahaha


LuTaNiA said...

Zapin eyh...? HAHAHA goodluck2!
best jugak pe zapin, wat lagu beat fast skit la bru enjoy, kalau lembap penat, sakit kaki.. serious!
melupakan someone?? are you talking abt ur bf nawa? nape dgn dia..?
get a chatbox puhleaseee~~~

_naJw@_~. said...

yup2,zapin yg ktorg ne perform kat UGM n ITB next month kat indon.. huhu..da la xpnah3 menari,tetbe kne perform plak?owh njoy tuh memg

da wat chatbox ler..huu~tq natul!!