Tuesday, May 19, 2009

.:CoLor oF LifE:.

am i colourful enough??huu~

p/s: I’ve listed some of the most popular color associations.
Red: power, passion, courage, vitality, excitement, strength, speed, love, heart and warmth.
Yellow: light, cheer, sunlight, happiness, creativity, confidence, self-esteem, intellect, innovation.
Blue: caring, devotion, trust, wisdom, peacefulness, serenity, loyalty, truth, coolness, harmony.
Green: nature, fresh, growth, abundance, life, youth, renewal, hope, fertility, peace, balance.
Orange: energy, warmth, contentment, fruitfulness, strength, security, sensuality, abundance.
White: pure light, energy, truth, perfection, serenity, harmony, loyalty, sincerity, clarity.
Black: formal, reserved, drive, dignity, reliability, authority, power, prudence, wisdom, glamour.


aku said...

saya suka kaler migrey ?? apa profilenya..

_naJw@_~. said...

migrey-You have high hopes, dreams and ambitions, and you enjoy life to the fullest. But your passion can also be your downfall, as it causes you to over-schedule and, as a result, feel stressed and overwhelmed at times.

p/s-any0ne to noe ya fevret color?^_^

athirahtaha@athe_athirah said...

trah suke sume color..wow bestnyer..ahaks..=P
nwy blue comes 1st most of all..

_naJw@_~. said...

blue for peace..trah memg 'aman' orgnyer...thx 4 evrtg!!trah u lo00ks blue~ahakz