Tuesday, May 19, 2009

.:maKe up mY miNd:.

a few days a go, i did sumtg that really impact to my future life..
i noe, i did a right thing in a right way to a right pathways..
jez hoping Allah strenghten up my heart, and guide me to His an-Nur..
im really needs u guys to support and being my backbone to survive after this..
i love all my friends, forgive me in every single things that ive done.
May God Bless We All..amin. salam.

click here-the interesting post that may open ur heart..insyAllah.trah thx~^_^


athirahtaha@athe_athirah said...

nawa!!!syabbas betty..(walopn nawa bkn ank trah..hahhah)
nwy..Allah knows..
may Allah bless, lead, n guide u all the way in urlive.
don't worry dear..Allah itu baik, tidak menerima sst kecuali yg baik, rite?
so...be tough nawa. Allah akn gantikan dgn keadaan yg lebih baik lg..=D
jus come to me whenevr u need me..u know that u can count on me kan...Allah'll bless u..insyaAllah.

_naJw@_~. said...

yup trah..i n0e..u wll jez b there 2 anytg goods..n i will!!